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Without Glasses

It was a strangest scenario that Simr faced,  when at the age of 10, he suffered headaches. His mother being superstitious, took him to the palmist, to find out the reason. The weirdly silent guy, investigated the palm, and made a conclusion that the boy’s eyesight is growing weaker. So, the next stop was an oculist, who again investigated but not the palms this time. On the contrary, he took heed of scientific equipments and gave a number on the prescription. It was not his mobile number but power of the lenses, the eyes needed to correct the deviation in the eyesight. So, he was the only one, who use to wear glasses in his family. Even his grandfather looked at him with pity. And not only this, it was revealed that he is the only one among his cousins, to wear this distraction for the people who interacted with him. He was teased a lot and got a bunch of nicknames, some popular ones being- “Chasmish”, “Chasmuddin”, “Chokha”, “Four eyes”, etc.

It was in class tenth, when the story name – “Without Glasses” appeared into his English textbook, and it came to light in the classroom when Mr. Rana (the honorary teacher of English), decided to go through it. He was a bespectacled teacher with an average height but great command over English language. It took two days to finish it, going through turns of reading by each of his classmates. It talked about a guy who lost his glasses, and felt miserable in doing his daily chores. He went to the optician, but didn’t read the words properly in Snellen chart. He gave wrong readings because he was not sure of the words appearing. At the end it concluded with a notion that, people without glasses have missed something in their life. And while reading that line, the two (English teacher and our guy), looked at each other and smiled. They were the only ones with glasses on. He wore the glasses with pride then and after.



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