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It is amazing to know that going for Bachelor study of Philosophy in Delhi University, provide an opportunity to the aspirant to profess a subject called “Logic”. What makes human different from other classes of living beings can be summarized in one word – Logic. The rational beahavior of humans, give rise to society or organized groups that is significant to run this world in order. The essence of self realization, the understanding of our thinking – to – act process, give rise to some logicality. The motive of our action has to be justifiable to make the logic proud of humans. But listening to news (I avoid it directly, but some acquantance mentions it), or observing on our own the deprivation of humanity at public places, work places, etc, gives a contradiction. There is no doubt that actions and thinking are out of sync. The rationality has gone out of the human circle to take a stroll in the darkness of chaos and haphazardness.

The utter failure of the word organization, is the very tangible outcome of absence of logic from the dictionary of many so called humans. Looking at the current scenarios, the families, societies, states, nations and the world as a whole is tearing apart and are at a brink of collapse. And why am I so much sure that lack of logic is the sole reason? Because in a logical world, why an individual will irritate, provoke, harm, kill, rape, harass, rage,  others. In a complete darkness of ignorance, where logic can bring a ray of light and enlighten the animalistic minds, surely can put an end to such injustices and abnormalities. Being a human, we have got this powerful tool of logic and there is an utmost need of saving it apart from saving the tigers, the natural habitats and other species.



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