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The people who are sensitive, this word is not alien to them, but so much familiar that they breathe it in and out everytime. This induces fear, anxiety, skeptics, doubts in the individuals those understand basic humanity, are self aware and self realized. It is like a payback for the good qualities they wear. The services like sincerety, honesty, sensitivity, obligations, responsibilities, empathy are constantly used by the highly realized humans and in a perfect world, there could not be any problem with having such rich and aesthetic amenities. But in this world of imperfections and the majority of people walking up and down in their ignorance, the negative implications on such high traits are very much palpable.

The majority doesn’t understand the value of such authenticities. They doesn’t care about the human qualities which is an irony, sadly, as they are categorized under human race through their physical attributes but the soul has been sold to devil. In such an environment, the poor people having rich qualities of humanity are left vulnerable to injustices, anxieties thrown upon by the monsters. They are challenged and provoked on the grounds of evil, that leaves no option but to take a flight or remain silent. This action is taken as victory by the devils and they become more stronger. It seems in the world of dragons, the innocents are slained everyday.



An introverted IT Guy.

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