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The Curse

She was slow, as can be seen from her driving speed that showed consistency at 20km /hr at any circumstances, while going to school. Her voice was so thin that once reading the story of poor Mrs Hereira from the textbook, it looked like she would start crying. She was not weak but very sensitive and felt the emotions strongly and affectionately. Her strength could be seen when she beautifully showcased her feeling, feeling of love to the lucky guy. It was clear and strong but the receiving end was dumb enough to ignore it. And the luck was not ready to plummet, and provided more opportunities and chances for the two souls to get together. But as fate had it, it all went in vain. The beautiful girl owing to her nominal pace gave fair chance to him. But the guy owing to his own obligations and rationality, ignored, ignored and ignored. And till the time, this late bloomer, analysed the things, it was already very late. Still the girl had feelings for him for 3 more years after they moved out of school.

During that time the guy tried to talk her out, but failed miserably. He didn’t have the art to woo a girl. And one day, when he tried to move a step forward, came crashing down in the conversation. A girl that can love somebody so passionately, can hate him, too with same intensity. And the reason of hate was valid and legitimate. She mentioned, “Her second love is more fruitful than the one sided first love”. The curse, was so strong that the effect is omnipresent. The curse, that he got while not obliging to the true value of the true love.



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