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The graveyard

Everyday going to the office and coming out to the main road, I see this graveyard. Blistering with peace and quiet. An environment I cherish. But only unwanted part is death. The death of not physical being but more of the dreams, desires, wantings. The things can be accompalished when the individual is aware of its physical as well as mental abilities. This graveyard being a negative symbol, still instills a feeling of an inspiration, a motivation to the already dead soul of mine. It tells me that the time is ticking, it reminds me about the wrath of the passing minute. The ruthless and powerful time that takes away the childhood, youthfulness, prime of this decaying body. It takes away the people around you, gives you wrinkles and puts you under constant changes. And for a homeostatis person like me, the changes are off-putting.

Thus I look down to it, the graveyard as a reminder to do things before it engulfs me and takes away all the opportunities my life can give me.The grievousness of it, makes me feel more alive. It provides a reason to be exulted before the flame languishes into the peace of it.




An introverted IT Guy.

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