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The girl that gets bored.

Got a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number. A lost love recalled, it seemed. It was her, whom Arjan proposed five years back and she declined. After that, so many things happened in his life. College and then back to his business. He was passionate about the gift shop, he was managing, until this fateful day, when he encountered the unknown “Hi”. She revealed herself and normal conversation spurred and eventually blossomed. He was cautious as he was surprised from her actions. He wanted to make sure if she is genuine and it took exactly twenty two days, to be honest, for him to do so. The love was in the air and the things were going pretty well. A girl dumped by her ex, ironically was showing fondness for him now. It took this rudeness from her ex, to realize the pain of Arjan when he was rejected by the very same girl. The promises initiated from her side extended towards him, by her own desire.

When the love affair became serious, suddenly the ignorance, dominating phase started to take shape. The calls were cut short. The messages became one sided. The desperation became one sided. He was taken into surprise again, when she again cut him completely. Why? Was she bored again? It looked illogical and unreasonable. She came from nowhere and went into abyss in no time. Meanwhile, the heart broke again. And questions erupted to surface like a water bubble. It was like a provocation the bullies do to the nice people. He was the victim for certain in the hands of a bully.



An introverted IT Guy.

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