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From past week, was wondering why goal driven personal projects are not attaining completion? Then I compared and contrasted those projects with my professional work. How come at work, those get complete well in a stipulated timeframe. So where is the difference? What is lacking? Fortunately, I saw the pattern and figured out that having a timline is the most important thing and makes all difference. Like a professional project or assignment, has a funding for its completion in a 4 week window (one iteration in Agile methodology).  This gives a clear idea to all stakeholders as when the product needs to be expected or demoed. Also the roles are clear to each and everyone as what has to be done. The pieces created by system engineers, developers and testers fit at the end when everything is integrated.

However, this is not the case for my personal projects. I gave a goal but not defined its timeline. The goal could be to lose this much weight or have a healthy diet or build some new application, or prepare for any certification. The common observation I had seen in life, is that the flow breaks after initial pumped up sessions towards that goal. And that is because, you guessed it right, no timeline whatsoever. No way to see or evaluate the progress. That is the big thing missing here. The projects are small and self centric, so question of human resources (or team members) is out. It is metaphorically the sole hole in the sinking ship. So need to remedy that out. And hopefully to take personal projects to closure with that strategy in mind.












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