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The art of ignoring

Being an introvert, the best way to survive from the awkward glances and interactions from the provocative people who always intend to put you in miserable conundrums, is ignoring them completely. Boycotting these people, same as popular transportation boycott of Rosa Parks, is the best way introverts can deal with a situation of forced injustices thrusted upon them by the so called social protocols that doesn’t fit into its real contexts. Such interactions in schools, colleges, even workplaces become hard to stop or control, when, for instance, the school seniors take advantage of your non violent nature or a group tries to induct you into their malpractices in college, but you show disinterest silently, altogether. Also dealing with the immature colleagues in office is not only possible but unfortunately rewarded by other like minded goons. It is really infuriating to find yourself in such situations amidst pretentiousely educated folks who can’t even differentiate between bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste.

I have personally used ignoring such people, as violence or arguing is not my cup of tea. Also spontaneity is not in my blood either. To give mean replies to the mean things said by the bullies is also not in my quiver. Therefore, here I am among the ones who prefer flight over fight. We live peaceful, having self awareness and self realization of our inner world, but ignoring intentionally the outer world, lost in our own train of thoughts. And giving attention to very scarce bunch of people who might be like us, use ignoring as a tool to survive.




An introverted IT Guy.

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