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The Cousin

Gilleruma was at work, when he heard the sad demise of his uncle. Living far away from his native, he was not able to attend the funeral. But got to know that Harlene was there. It had been a while that he saw her. Last time she met just before leaving India, to pursue higher education in Russia. They were close long back. The relationship became so intimate that time, that they crossed all boundaries. Those memories freshen up, hearing her sobbing voice on phone. The intent was, however, different. The situation made him console her on the paternal loss. He explained, his absence, which was long distance, but she was broke. He asked her to visit him, if she could, but she was still dissatisfied. Nothing could have been done at that point. He had pressure of work assignments. He couldn’t take even a day off. And this had been his excuse from long time. In school, he was busy with studies, in college he was scared of getting flunked, so gave extra focus to the useless lectures. And now he was senior consultant, and had bigger responsibilities to be carried over to get promotions and rewards. He missed her, her voice was the only thing palpable and sensory to him, after the phone call. Her image had melted into the thousands evenings, faded completely over the course of time. Her smell was lost into the office melancholies. Her coolness of ebony hair curls was forgotten over the black days of lonesome nights. Gilleruma got into his work as usual.

One day, out of nowhere, she appeared on his address. It was nice to see her after almost 10 years. They talked their hearts out, overwhelming each other with the mere presence. The light looked bright as the conversation grew deep. The old love and fondness was revived. And they forgot as the time lapsed and leaped. They got lost into each other while having a sumptuous cuisine that night. Nevertheless,  tiredness proclaimed its share of sleep, eventually. And both subdued and bid good night as they departed to separate beds. But this separation made them hard to sleep and the agony started burning on heightened flames, couldn’t be extinguished owing to its socially wrecking nature.



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