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The interview

“What is he?” – the powerful leader asked.

“Do you mean who is he?” – his secretary enquired.

“No, I mean, what is he made of? How could a person like that exist in such a corrupt and filthy field of politics? How he survived till now? How can he become so powerful that today my position is on stake?” – he spoke, eating most of his words in his mouth.

The television broadcast took their attention, almost bewildered him and his secretary. The person they were talking about was on the prime news channel, getting interviewed by a tough faced journalist who was grinning due to his stature and reputation, he earned, in the news world. Their eyes shifted to the monitor.

“Why you risked your high-end job and got into this filth?” – The journalist was on point.

“I didn’t risked anything. This is the right job, I was seeking for long. I was meant to come here. I was searching for my motive and was tricked by the society to follow the norms and get into a comfortable job. They tried, that I shouldn’d find the real goal of mine. As that would have endangered their positions. After falling into the trap, finally I am at a right place. I am the leader of the ruling party of the state. And want to set an example of righteous administration that can run with all transparency.” – he answered with the same confidence that journalist showcased in his question.

Coming back from the tough interview, he was sitting at home, thinking about the past life. The comfortable job that paid him well but took away his peace of mind, his contentment. He moved out of it and into the politics fighting for the rights of the poor and generatl public under the banner of Communists. He was meant for it and it for him. At the dinner table, the televsion was brodcasting his recorded interview. He looked into it hard. Listened the answers clearly and went into a comtemplation mode.