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Why Quiet?

In the world where the conversations go into abyss, I am quiet.

Where no one understands but talks, I am quiet.

Where listeners are few and speakers are a lot, I am quiet.

Where rituals are forced, I am quiet.

Where judgement is thrown onto, I am quiet.

Where conditioning is so strong, I am quiet.

Where rebels are referred anti, I am quiet.

Where noble is helpless, I am quiet.

Where good is beaten up, I am quiet.

Where moral is ashamed, I am quiet.

Where nice suffers, I am quiet.

Where I talk in soliloquy, I am quiet.

Where there is no reciprocation, I am quiet.

Where definitions are misplaced and twisted, I am quiet.

Where I better be quiet.

Where I am in peace when quiet.

Thus I am quiet.


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The blue umbrella girl

A hackney carriage looks very impressive on the London streets. She took a ride in one such cab. While leaving and taking few steps ahead after bidding goodbye to the driver, she was in the state of shock for a moment. Looked like the time froze, and she felt numb. She turned back in a while, when the numbness was over. The cab has moved very far down the street where its blackness morphed with the charcoal colored road. She felt hopeless and ignored her state of mind that told her that she forgot something in the cab. Lately she has been feeling forgetful and drowsy. The time when she missed her flight due to the long time she took at a shopping center to buy a frying pan, was a recent instance that proved the point bang on.

“Where am I lost?”, she inquired herself. “Was it the song?”. The song that was playing on the stereo in the cab. “Quelqu’un m’a dit”  was the one. Standing on the same place where she saw the cab disappearing in  the distance, she felt lost. She felt lost without her blue umbrella. Somebody once asked its price and she replied, “Priceless”. Her priceless umbrella wasn’t with her. The hope of getting it back looked meek. After standing there for a while, she took the intended direction and walked slowly and cautiously. She again froze, when she heard somebody calling her. The cab driver wearing a herringbone hat, waved the blue umbrella and that was enough signal for her to rush towards it. The girl with the blue umbrella felt complete and back on track.

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The Truth

The truth is; there is no God. There is conscious, which became non-existent in many people owing to the business model setup by the religious leaders. Things started on a right note, when morally upright leaders; the realized souls, wrote down and spoke about the right and the wrong. The journey went into a wrong direction when some selfish powerful rose and took out the conscious from inside and established it in their business centers and named it as God. They instructed people to not look into their soul but move into such institutions if they wanted to see the God. The shapeless, the limitless, as described by the real ones, got shape in such establishments that became means of practicing new rituals that defied logic.

Today such institutions have become a place to show-off. To follow man-made rituals and not question anything. These institutions have become a powerhouse in terms of forming a community that can be used as weapons and earn profits. Puppets without conscious, we have become. Anyone rebelling, is shunned. There is more chaos than peace found in here. It has become a place to show hypocrisy and contradictions. This is the truth.