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Complexity of religions

In a world where people follow a long served rituals and call it a tradition and culture, anyone raising a question is dealt ruthlessly and his actions termed as blasphemous. When Taliban was destroying the icons of Buddha in Afghanistan during 2001, people outraged. People outraged on something that was man-made and was never instructed by Buddha himself to celebrate him by creating his statues. Today whatever we follow is man-made and we still misinterpret it as God’s will. I hail from a nation, where, for religion and love of one God and hate for another God (like Taliban did), people lose their mind and humanity and kill their own citizens. Talking about patriotism and nationalism by creating a divide between different religions is so much ironical. Where, for the political and religious gain, poor people are killed and given a religious label to provoke the lynch mob. Sadly, I hail from that nation.

The complexity is deep rooted or rather without the roots. It is a phantom rather than a savior. It is a trap rather than being sacred. People over the years gave their own meaning to the generic terms like love, nationalism, truthfulness, honesty. The double standards erupting out of these religions have misrepresented these terms. The genuine meaning is expected from others, but people themselves show the wrong one. The ambiguity is very much benefited by the religious leaders who promise big but delivers nothing and charge money as fees for the fake enlightenment they give to the gullible masses. People blames and complains, but never point fingers on themselves. Whenever questioned regarding their own flaws they don’t give an answer but expose others’ imperfections. If you ever watch debate between the two big political parties of India over communal riots, they blame each other, rather answering the questions directed towards each one. No one answers the real questions but creates a new  to divert the masses to the wrong path.

For a hungry man, food is his religion. He won’t sit in a Gurudwara to hear the hymns or lecture about life, that ironically nobody knows about or follows, but will rush to the dining hall to quench his hunger.

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A Conversation

After signing the visitor’s register, was directed to a room. A room filled with candidates, more than I expected. I heard through some trusted source that openings are very limited. But it was a Saturday morning in a country whose every nook and corner is filled. The situation never changes but becomes pathetic day by day and worsening. Remembering the walk out of a prestigious engineering exam center ten years back and finding myself among many, surrounded completely, hasn’t changed anywhere since then. Took a seat and the flow of candidates was down pouring like the August rain in Dehradun; never-ending it was. Sitting quietly, the conversation started within. The two companions of mine, one positive and another contrary started playing their usual chords. “You should run away. Don’t you see the influx of the audience, who came to actively participate in the play titled- ‘Job’?”.

It continued, “There could be one opening as stated by the source, and there could be a best candidate sitting somewhere in the room”. I started glancing the yellow shirt guy who appeared and sat in the chair that was facing me. I could feel the confidence in his eyes. I took an assumption and declared him the best one. The good came again in picture. “The best might not give his best today. But you can try to give your best that can certainly overwhelm and win you the job”. I gave my complete consideration and virtual nod to this point. Let me be me. The expectations are never met to give you the comfort but who wants it. The comfort kills. Trying is enough. Appearing for the interview is enough. Let me give the best for it. What else is required?

The name gets called and I extended my right leg to respond to it. The journey has begun, lets take it to the safe shore if possible or drown. But start sailing the ship at least.

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The Lady-7: She went off

“Why are you back?”, she inquired, without even looking at him. He was awestruck and tried to bring some words to its destination but failed. She turned furiously and charged against him but stopped midway. Her eyes were red. Actually the whole face got an equal distribution of blood. He was more terrified than the second time when he met her. The sudden pat on his shoulder. He never saw her like that. His previous question about that leaving man was answered. Her ex-husband gave her a visit, or rather a visit to his daughter. She stoned for some more seconds and then sat with a thud. “What was going on? Is there a problem?”, he asked with a softening voice to pacify the beast, or rather boil her again. She was quiet and that looked righteous. The anger takes away the logicality but she was not unkempt or at least no sign of haphazardness. He found himself in awkward position; to sit or remain standing. He gazed upon her to steal her attention but failed miraculously. She seemed lost but didn’t feel like having any thought crossing her mind.

He should stay or go away, was his dilemma. He coughed, he squirmed. But no effect, whatsoever, on this lady. He hated doing it. He hated attention seekers himself. But in this case, it looked like the woman was in her own world. He moved around the room, crossed her with intentional ignorance but still giving a side peep. Still nothing. He stood by the end of the room, near the window. The suited guy was standing there, talking on the phone furiously, standing near his swanky automobile. “He left her for someone else, what a pity?”, he thought. He grew deeper into his own thoughts. He didn’t remember for how long he stood there. The man disappeared. Kids completed their football game and went off, when rain started to pour. The smell of wet soil of the park, filled the area. He remembered one of his friend who would mention his favorite two smells: one that of wet soil and other when his mother was preparing flour dough. On the contrary, he liked the smell of petrol. Also the rain made him nostalgic about her cousin, standing, carrying a big umbrella in the month of June of ’08. The green became dark green with the downpour. He felt the pat again on his shoulder, but wasn’t terrified, this time. He expected it, after hearing someone in the room standing up and walked towards his direction. She asked, “What do you reckon?” “About what?” “About me”.

He came back to his room. He opened the door. She wasn’t there. He sat and waited. But she didn’t return. Eventually, he found a letter in her room, bidding goodbye. She went off, the letter conveyed. He sat on the bed and felt the smell of her oil and soap and the powder, all over the place. He repeated his answer, “I like you but cannot manage you. It’s better we stay away”. And returned back to the letter and read it twice, thrice and then stopped.

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Religious Hypocrisy

It is everywhere. Families, houses, societies. And as the fake external Almighty is omnipresent, same is the fate of hypocrisy. The religions bring it so much tangible that realized ones see it and try to cast away the conditioning but fails. I am sure that every religion have it, living in a multi-religious country, I am fortunate or rather unfortunate to feel it most of the times.The life cycle of a hypocrite is like this. He wakes up in the morning, doesn’t do any work at home. Goes or rather shows off his presence in a local Sikh temple. Sits there physically but mentally is thinking about how to fool gullible people today because that’s his work and means to earn money. The holy scripture is getting read, beautiful hymns and it talks about good things, heavy and deep stuff and explains, how a human being should live. Then he performs service, there in the dining hall and comes out. Leaving the temple gate behind, he also leaves the benevolence he showed off inside. He do not implement the sayings of the scripture because no one is, so why should he. Everyone is stabbing others and surviving.

For these reasons, nowadays religions have turned out to be dangerous as it has become a center for showing off. It is a medium of carrying out business. It is like some extroverted person came in and thought, the life is too dull and boring. Let’s make it complicated and mystic. And humble and simple cults were transformed into dazzling and entertaining man-made hypocrisy-filled communities that rather than helping, puts pressure on humans to leave the humanity behind and perform irrational practices and rituals. This is very much analogous to Europeans stepping on the shores of America and promising to change the boring life of Native Americans into crazy pleasurable aristocrat but things downgraded humanity and uplifted those Europeans who started a business on the corpses of the natives. So like the slogan says, let’s make America great again. Let’s all of us become hypocrites and dance on the tunes of inhumanity for no reason but only because it is a man-made ritual.


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The Lady-6: The Tension

He inquired. “Landlord wants to see you”, she answered. She knew the reason, but remained quiet. He went down and knocked the door of the owner. It took exactly twenty seven minutes for the discussion to get over. Meanwhile, she held her head down sitting in the apartment on the first floor, anticipating various discussion scenarios running profusely without giving her a break. She brought her friend to the apartment, which was disliked by the landlord. “But he was just a friend”, she thought innocently. The thoughts were interrupted by his entry. He was silent for two minutes and then started. “Do you remember on what condition I approved your stay here? I clearly conveyed the one rule from the landlord to you on that fateful day, when you showed up without any intimation or clue. Firstly, it was so hard to convince him, that you are my cousin. He asked for a family photograph of us together which sadly I wasn’t able to produce. But he insisted and finally I took my laptop and showed him our photograph where you were 4 and I was 8”. A whimsical smile protruded on her face. “Do you realize the gravity of the current situation. He gave us two weeks to vacate this place”. She was agonized. “He can’t do that, I brought a friend once. It is not that daily I am having guests”, she put her case. “It doesn’t matter now, I will be finding a new place”, he was adamant. “You don’t have to leave, I will move out and get a place of my own, where I can have people over without restriction. You can stay here”, she talked in a sacrificing tone. “Listen, you are my liability, so stop talking nonsense”, he talked dismissively. Inside he knew the girl was stubborn, so without making much eye contact, he retired and subdued himself to the bed. He was exhausted earlier, and this drama heightened his exhaustion to a next level. In no time he slept and woke up in the middle of the night. He came out and saw her sleeping on the sofa. It looked like she cried there only and slept. She looks better when asleep rather awake, he thought. He put a blanket over her in a elder brotherly affection. The subsequent days were quiet. And as usual, on a weekend he headed towards Meera’s place. He didn’t inform her and there was no reason for his grace of showing up at her apartment. He felt a need to talk to her. Not on phone but face to face. Undoubtedly, he felt comfortable visiting her place and conditioned his mind to take this action of his as “not a big deal” stuff. He parked his cruise bike down on her society’s street and climbed the stairs in no time. On the way, he found a well-suited guy mulling over something loudly. Apparently talking about some “crazy woman”. Simr quickly understood that he was coming out from Meera’s home. The real question was, who was he?

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Physical illusion

When people have queries regarding career, life, relationships, etc., I have existential questions. These questions arise out of physical existence that visualize and hear through sensory organs. And the mind interprets it and a thought is born. That thought could be positive or negative depending on the things observed or heard. But it was the long years of conditioning that determined the observation to be positive or negative. For instance, visiting Golden Temple, Amritsar, you feel the magnificence and peace but that is momentary. As you come out of it, you see poor old men pulling cycle rickshaws. You don’t see the same magnificence or goodness or positivity outside. Looking at this face in the mirror, I hardly identify it. Looking at it gives a perception of looking at a stranger. Is it talking more to the inner self that is perceived differently, the reason for this weird thought?

This non relation with the physicality creates a lot of issues, especially being part of the physical society. Religion talks about spirituality, but what to do about this physical being that has its own set of principles and laws, that sometimes contradict the spiritual or moral laws. The lust, attraction, hunger, thirst, addiction, etc. are the things arising from this physicality. It is everything, a representative of the spiritual being in the outside court, but misrepresenting or misinterpreting it completely. This place thus looks illusionary and this physical being, an illusion.


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Modern Democracy


It propels weaponry, it cheats, it makes profits. These are the things this modern democracy do, nowadays. It has become an enterprise where it collects taxes and invest in foreign wars and internal riots. It divides and rules as seen in India for years now. Earlier imperialism tried it and then the Indian incompatible administrations under the name of “democracy”. Religion is so much grained in our blood here, that any little rebellion is crushed ruthlessly. It is a sham, that orthodox practices of mixing religion with politics is still in boom, in “modern” India especially. But western political systems are also not away from allegations. These so called democracies want to bestow the freedom in other countries because they are democratic and superpowers. They allege their enemy states with keeping weapon of mass destruction and call for a war and finally find nothing. But the havoc and unrest they create in such unfortunate countries is beyond any calculation.The innocents are killed in this bloody war of “freedom”.

The world that could be a better place with simplistic approaches, these governments take it away and put complexities. Everything cannot be blamed on governments, citizens had to take some part of it too. May be we all are corrupt and thus give rise to democratic monsters. Socrates hated democracy because he compared it with a ship sailing in an ocean. “If you need to select or vote for the captain, whom will you choose?”, he questions. You have to select among the educated and the commoners. The former will be the obvious choice. He questions the qualification of a voter, instead. And in the modern democracy where few (0.02%) chooses a representative from a political party who stands in an election against the similar fated candidates, it is a mockery to say that the population selects the candidates whereas the truth is that population select among fewer already selected representatives.

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