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Bhagat Vs. Mahatma

It is Without Fear versus The Story of My Experiments with Truth. There is contradicting fear at one side and there is experiments with truth on another. Pick is yours. But being born in a Sikh household, I was conditioned to like Bhagat Singh more than Mahatma Gandhi. This support looked weird owing to the fact that there is a lot of extremism among Sikhs towards their own people who go against the Sikh rituals. In this case Bhagat Singh didn’t die as a Sikh. Not only Sikhs but also right wing party praises Bhagat Singh, who actually supported Communists (left wing) in his time. Mahatma Gandhi is hated by many people based on various reasons. I was provided some by my grandfather, who held him responsible for his painful migration from his home in Kashmir (now P.O.K) to Jammu. Still there was a lot about Bhagat Singh to read about during my childhood. And I simply avoided hearing anything about Gandhi like I avoided my sanity while eating flesh of animals, just because my family said so.

But later, when your conscious become audible enough to break some of the illogical chains of this society, the lies served by it and the truth that it has been formed on a profitable business of dishonesty, you try to change sides. I haven’t read his book, but whatever I heard, his path looks sensible to me. The non-violence, tolerance, patience, peace and biggest of it all, his truth. The truth that might look bitter. The truth of his lust, that no other great personality of any time dared to ink in their autobiography. He not only had the audacity to write but made it available globally to read. That is the kind of a person rarely seen, who admits that there are flaws and imperfections inflicted to even the noblest of people. The modern era, where the trend of movies based on true events are down-pouring like the monsoon rain, shows all good things about that personality. Instances of movies like “Sanju” and “Soorma” only showcase some part of their lives, not all truth, stands a person who made himself vulnerable for people to attack on his flaws, his weakness. The blind people do not give any merit or consideration to his honesty and truth because these words have lost its meaning in this manipulative world, where people show their good sides in Facebook, Twitter, supports protests on social media rather than themselves going into the battle field. Thus the credibility of such people criticizing Mahatma Gandhi is on stake.

However, my support towards Gandhi, doesn’t convey my hate towards Bhagat. Both did what their conscience told them to do for the independence struggle. Analogous to my interest in communism shouldn’t interpret hate towards democratic form of government, I support both ideologies rather than personalities, as they represent.



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