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Lawyer’s Chamber

Taking a vacation from work for a week is comforting. But the society doesn’t let you. They would try their best to give suggestion, the most infuriating being and latest in their to-do list is, get married. I have handled many stuffs as a grown up in my life, and thus don’t need this extra piece of advice. The intent doesn’t look that out of love or concern but just bring out the one “basic” need that is missing in your “perfect” life as per them. But it isn’t that I have turned 28, that made a big difference but as long back as I can remember, when I was an undergraduate, I heard the same suggestion that gave me shock.

Sitting in the Lawyer’s chamber with my mother, to talk about the next strategy before the court hearing regarding a very old property claim case that my Grandfather got into or pulled into by the State. It was a formality, as the opponent would never care to show up in court but take leave of absence and request the Judge to move the date. Still, we need to show our presence to our lawyer one day before. He greeted my mother while we waited, sitting on the sofa placed in the same office room, while he was discussing a case with another client who came prior to us. Then, after getting some time while the client was busy going through some papers handed over to him by the lawyer, he examined me and inquiring about my educational, marital and order of my birth relative to other grandsons of my grandfather, he surprised me with the same suggestion. “Get him married.”, he devoured. “He is still studying.”, was the reply of my mother. “Many people continue their study even after getting married”, he defended him like a lawyer in front of a Judge. I got many thoughts and arguments to oppose him, but thought to restore the idea, of having peace without getting argumentative with the best lawyer in town, who certainly got to such stature due to having cordial relations with all the Judges, was overwhelming. But that influence never helped our case, which didn’t resolved but get elongated over time. His arguments and statements looked stupid to me. The thing is you need to be responsive rather reactive on such people.

Still such people haunt me, lately yesterday when I fell sick, I needed to see our family doctor. Out of maturity, I very much expected the same thing. The conversation went on and after he gave medicines and I paid the consultation fee, got up and guess what. You guessed it right. “When he is getting married”, the most curious question that other known people also share, came right behind my back, to which I gave a sly smile.

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Dogs from the Trash Island

It started with “The Darjeeling Limited”, where I got spellbound by the cinematic excellence of this director, that I came to know later, Wes Anderson. Never before in my life I tried to find out the director’s name after watching a movie, but this was different. Eventually, I searched for all other movies of his, and proudly speaking I have all those movies at my disposal on my local disk. Waiting for 4 years after his last movie, looking at the trailer suddenly of a stop motion movie- “Isle of Dogs”, I realized in moments that it belongs to someone I know. It was him again after a long time. Long time in the sense that I saw “The Darjeeling Limited” in 2015.

Finally, I was able to watch whole of it, where the dogs’ dialogues rendered in English and humans of Japan’s virtual city “Megasaki” are talking in their local language which is translated through various mediums, one being foreign-exchange student. Looking at the dogs in the real world, we differentiate them based on mainly, their breed. But after watching this movie, it feels like every dog has their own characteristic as shown in the movie. After watching dogs speaking eloquently in the movie, I am seeing the real dogs in a new light of awareness while hoping if they could also speak in a way that I could understand. Again, enjoyed the intriguing set up and compelling music and directorial. The hard work reckoned by the stop motion crew is also applaudable. The story ends with no big drama but still it keeps its rhythm in a way to keep the interest of the watcher at all time high. Specially, the dog named “Oracle” takes away the breath with its cuteness owing to its breed, obviously, but also with the forecasting that makes sense from the fact that it “understands T.V.”.

Also wanted to point out the true scenario of propelling the propaganda by the Mayor that resembles so much with the today’s world political system in any country. How people get brainwashed by their political leaders is not different than gullible youngsters getting brainwashed by religious leaders. Need to see that.

Thanks Wes for another great milestone.