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Breaking the trend

The trend of not writing any article in the month of September, urged me to write it for the sake of it. Just going to the root of it, which happened to be on October, 2014. The long weekend that could be remembered for one incident that might started it all. Started going to that god damned gym nearby and the Saturday night of the long 2nd October weekend stirred things up. After talking to philosopher friend on call, opened the Facebook and wrote a well-crafted and read-over-hundredth-time message to an offline personality. The girl from the college. I became vegetarian on 25th April for many reasons and one of them was her. Could be a very small reason overwhelmed by compassion being the strongest one. Next day I wasn’t able to find her. I was blocked.

Also other reason of becoming a vegetarian could be leaving a message on a social site, that pointed to the chicken in me, thus, couldn’t eat chicken as it will refer to¬†cannibalism, right? So, I guess, from Sunday, it started and had been a while. But September month always went blank, when checked all the articles from the root month-year. So, here it is.



An introverted IT Guy.

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