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The Yellow Umbrella

The audacious figure walks out of the gym and  to survive the mighty sunlight, opens up her yellow umbrella. The vibrant color shows the true nature of her. She is reactive, anxious, a late bloomer, damsel in distress that makes her lively and draws attention of the people around her every time, being it in the workplace or outside. She traces her steps to the green trail back to office and settles on her seat. Being early, she take some time to look through the big window pane, besides her cubicle, to see the beautiful lush green campus outside. People come pouring in, after sometime. The twists and turns are part of her life and constantly she is put over the shaken earth. She tolerate and manages somehow, but some days it burst out. However, she enjoys the lunchtime and the quick chai tea lattes with her friends. The serious worker attitude disappears, when the friends surround her. She accompanies her umbrella, the vibrant one, for every plan that forces her to move out of the building, being it, the food court or just an unaimed stroll. The sun, she fears can harm her skin. The evening tea is the last break of the work day. And at 9, most of the days, she is ready to start to home with the colleague.

The weather changes sharply, the mighty sun is set, but moon is nowhere. Clouds enshroud it. Rain starts pouring and she is standing near her home, under a small concrete shed. The reason is the discussion, she is having with the colleague, she came from office with. The rain is not ready to stop, as their discussion grows and deepens. At last, she passes her umbrella to him, as he lives two blocks away. They bid goodbyes, the yellow umbrella, the vibrant one, is see-able from far where she stands. And it disappears gradually. She moves back to her home, calls it a day. The yellow umbrella is seen again, next day during the lunchtime, held by that audacious figure.

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DehraDun: Serenity in all directions


This city is great and you will feel it wherever you will go, in any direction.
The place is picturesque. Its serenity, beauty, greenery, freshness will take your heart away.Sharing some of the pictures taken here during my recent visit.



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Bangalore Sky


Bangalore sky looks like a big blue canvas, on which white clouds make beautiful patterns during the day..

The photograph is taken from office building in Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore. And shows same beauty in the evening as can be seen during day. Only change being the color of the sky. Fascinating, isn’t it?