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The lady-II

“When two people are in love, they defy logic. Logical beings cannot get into a relationship, is so true. We both too, were irrational, when binded in an institution that, we believed, will last longer and run forever. Things were smooth for sometime, but then reality struck, and he found the life repetitive. He found me boring, my body in particular. Is marriage a spiritual bond or a gratification of lust call? If it was latter, he was not alone but I was too, a partner in crime. The bond never strengthened but broke ultimately. Infidelity¬†perpetrated slowly. And in no time, he went away” – she said thoughtfully and took a long pause, lying on the green grass ground in the Central Park, looking completely doped. Passers-by, mostly elderly were staring at her as they were taking a slow stroll around the park. Simr found himself sitting beside her on the green grass and was feeling embarrassed. Being a avid listener, he was understanding every word she said, but the glares from the people were disturbing his sound hearing. He didn’t dare to look at her face, as she was filled with multiple emotions. “Here I am”, she continued, “lonely, broke, divorced”, her voice turning into a sob. He was clueless, “What can I possibly say to her”? He thought hard. “Where is your baby”? – he blabbered with a handful of concern. Sob turned into a loud cry.¬† Another reality struck like a lightening. “And I am a single mother” – she cried uncontrollably. “Thanks for reminding her that”- he muttered to himself.

Being from a emotionless family, it was hard for him to console this grieving woman. The queen-like stature, she showed in the previous meeting was no where. And now he was dealing with a crying baby, who would not stop even if he was to lure her with a candy. He wanted to run away, but stayed. He stood, and grabbed her hand, tried to straighten her up. But she won’t budge. He felt weaker, and after putting all is strength, he rather fell beside her. She started laughing, and with that fiasco, he was also not able to keep himself from a grin smile. The elderly became more uncomfortable then, looks like time to move out of the park. He dropped her outside the building apartment in the evening and bid goodbye. She unlocked her apartment door with the duplicate key. In couple of moments, she was awestruck. The baby wasn’t there.

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The lady-I

Standing outside the metro station, a sudden tap on his shoulder bamboozeled him. Turnaround time was so reactive and awkward that he scared the provocateur. The woman was fair and was carrying a baby. He tried to recollect his senses and the past altogether to make a meaning out of this face in front of him, but felt helpless. She realized the cue in his mind and introduced her. “We met on the night bus long back”, she announced. That was enough for him to get back into the game of which he was a mere spectator, until she unleashed this single statement. He helped her with her baby that night, when situation was going out of control. Also shared some conversation along the journey of 6 hours. Reaching early morning, he took a moral responsibilty and obligation to accompany her to Greater Kailash, where she stayed. He didn’t get into her apartment, but left hurriedly. He got into his work too much, that never got a time to look back into the incident. And here she was, same figure, carrying her baby and frightening the town. “I saw you in the train itself, but was not sure if it is you” – she continued. She wanted to thank him for that day, which she didn’t get time to say as he was in hurry.

“Want to grab a coffee, there is a very nice place here, that I know” – she said boldly, in sheer dominance over the quietness of his. She had audacity to remain unaware of his plans. The baby was unexpectedly calm, and was playing with her mother’s hair as she talked with this stranger. He was not doing anything but smiling like a retard, the voice was hampered with the shock he was trying to recover. Finally finding his voice, he gave his consent to the proposal. The place was really nice and the quality of the environment got enriched with her queen-like presence. Her sophistication satisfied him completely and her ways melted his heart. But the mindset were different on either side of the table. It didn’t work based on the varied principles and philosophy. They bid goodbye and he thought never to meet her or contact her.

Simr, went off to do his chores and while retiring to his bed that night, gave a last thought about her. The sound of the message received notification on his phone, disturbed his thought process. It was her.

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The Yellow Umbrella

The audacious figure walks out of the gym and  to survive the mighty sunlight, open up her yellow umbrella. The vibrant color shows the true nature of her. She is reactive, anxious, a late bloomer, damsel in distress that makes her lively and draws attention of the people around her everytime, being it in the workplace or outside. She traces her steps to the green trail back to office and settles on her seat. Being early, she take some time to look through the big window pane, besides her cubicle, to see the beautiful lush green campus outside. People come pouring in, after sometime. The twists and turns are part of her life and constantly she is put over the shaken earth. She tolerate and manages somehow, but somedays it burst out. However, she enjoys the lunchtime and the quick chai tea lattes with her friends. The serious worker attitude disappears, when the friends sorround her. She accompanies her umbrella, the vibrant one, for every plan that forces her to move out of the building, being it, the food court or just an unaimed stroll. The sun, she fears can harm her skin. The evening tea is the last break of the work day. And at 9, most of the days, she is ready to start to home with the colleague.

The weather changes sharply, the mighty sun is set, but moon is nowhere. Clouds enshourd it. Rain starts pouring and she is standing near her home, under a small concrete shed. The reason is the discussion, she is having with the colleague, she came from office with. The rain is not ready to stop, as their discussion grows and deepens. At last, she passes her umbrella to him, as he lives two blocks away. They bid goodbyes, the yellow umbrella, the vibrant one, is seeable from far where she stands. And it disappears gradually. She moves back to her home, calls it a day. The yellow umbrella is seen again, next day during the lunchtime, held by that audacious figure.

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Bangalore Sky


Bangalore sky looks like a big blue canvas, on which white clouds make beautiful patterns during the day..

The photograph is taken from office building in Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore. And shows same beauty in the evening as can be seen during day. Only change being the color of the sky. Fascinating, isn’t it?