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Mystifying Dreams

From the childhood I have been amazed by the power of dreams. At night when we sleep, we are driven to this dream world where anything is possible. But the thing is we cannot control or manipulate it to have desired ending. Most of the times the dreams doesn’t end but the sleep does. But while having it, it has such a strong feeling that it looks real. Most of the times when I had my dead grandfather walking, talking in the dream as a live person, a very strong feeling of his aliveness gave me happiness. It appeared real that he is still alive. Or if i had this dream of having my exam scheduled next day in some other city and I am still wandering at my home packing my bags hastily, gave me a trembling feeling. But what are these dreams made of? Some say what you think a lot is what you get in your dreams. But then I wonder I doesn’t give much concerns to trains. But most of my dreams include trains.

But I don’t know one day when I woke up at 3 in the morning after having a dream, concluded one thing, that these are mere thoughts. These are not what we actually see but what we feel, just like our thoughts. The difference however is, we don’t control them when it is happening. So, I decided from now onwards I will say felt a dream last night rather saying I saw a dream last night. I can call myself a dreamer. A day dreamer as well as a night dreamer. I use to have my whole nights dreaming, jumping from one dream to another. It was like dreaming marathon. I became nervous about it and seek help from the friend next door. He gave some “mantras” to recite before going to sleep. It didn’t helped. But now I enjoy the dreams and everyday before sleeping I think of the people I want to meet in my dreams, that following night.