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Has it ended?

The call from him, was a shocker. As he was drunk and called out her name again and again. I couldn’t console him as the heart was broken into pieces long time back, but the impact, it made, was still tangible. The two years of relationship came to an end on the context of insecurity from the girl’s side. The guy was fresh out of college without any placement, and that became a big issue, as per her justificaton of leaving him. But the reality looked different. The love cannot die out of such meagre issue. Unemployment is temporary for those who are skilled. And today he is employed and doing great at his job. So the question stands tall, “What was her real reason?”. The long distance could be one, although I never met her, I can see through, a girl like her, required a support, ready to be deployed as soon as she is in trouble. For that reason, the support should be nearby. And probably she found one in the medical college situated in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, where she was studying. And it doesn’t take much time for a witty guy to steal a committed girl, that too a girl who was so weak, who subdued herself without thinking of her lover, who, on the contrary, was strong as hell.

How easily people get impressed by fakeness in the modern world is a subject of curiosity and investigation. How hard it is for them to differentiate between truth and falsehood. May be her ignorance is a bliss for her, she do not have to think about it or give it a thought for even a second. But for the realized ones, like my friend, who showed strong will to hold her hand forever, finds himself weak and broken. The hearbroken friend.