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Our destination

People, in their open roof cars, indulged in the epicurean life are going from point A to B. Here we are, cutting our way in the middle and reaching point C. The journey starting from the market, where you are handling your business, all the way through, taking the same road as other idiots are, and pretending to be heading towards Mussoorie, the hill queen, we are betraying this point B. The love towards point C is in the fact that we philosophers are unleashing our desires, our urges. The longing to talk it all out, the pain, the things felt and experienced in a materialistic society, of which we are sadly a part of. The miscarriage of justice, the loop holes in the intentions of the majority, the irresponsible power play, is what we ponder upon. We take the burden of it all, and talk quietly among the travellers of point B, momentarily halting their pomp and show at point C, unlike us, for whom this point is the destination and the point of travelling back to the source after we are blank and empty. The macaroni and tea is what gives us company. The little drizzle tries to cool down our moral temper and yes it does. The greenery looked down from this point, disapproves the negativity we have seen, but we are the custodian of it all. The positivity prevails here, and it rejects our cases but we like a warrior but at the same time a weak vulnerability, sits and talk it all.

Under the radar we talk, we talk about the ill and the evils, the devils who eat us bit by bit daily and will one day engulf us in their colors. The colors that we reject openly and thus face the wrath. The wrath of immorality, stupidity, mediocrity, low brahman, ignorance and many of the diseases inflicting them all. After the discussion, we start back down in the opposite direction, facing them face to face. Looking at their ignorance, we see meaninglessness in our life and the thoughts of nothingness prevails. We face the force from opposition, as we move down. Move down from where we emerged. We, the two philosophers.

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Part 6 – Just a By Product..

Just a By Product..

A practitioner of some sort..

Not an expert of any science..

But I am just an “odd one” of “this” “lot”..

So I left alone..

I breathe alone..

I entered alone..

I shall exit alone..

Without a slight whisper..

Any noise or cries..

Or celebrations or joy..

My being is an “Unplayable Toy”..

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Part 5 – Anger, or any vice..

Anger, or any vice..

Is not my chosen device..

I live to work..

I work to live..

“They” were condemned thoroughout their lives..

I am not the only one; History is a proof; Truth has to pay the price..

Humiliation, defeat and atrocity..

All I have to face..

The home is not at peace..

How can the Society then, not turn me into disgrace..

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Part 4 – I sleep to only wake..

I sleep to only wake..

I wake up to only sleep..

No meaning in my actions..

All I does is weep..

Is “Fast” really fast?..

Is “Good” really good?..

Is “Weakness” really weak?..

Well, nothing interest me all..

No food, clothes and place..

Don’t take my words too literally..

Philosophy is not for the lame..