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A house without a father

The society is patriarchal,

Losing him is losing a sparkle.

But still the houses exist,

With the call of hist.

Without a stern fist,

But with a sheet of mist.

Exist in silence, without a roar,

Without a mane, without a protected door.

Is what this stereotyped society thought,

But the boys lived, who will become a juggernaut.

Or they won’t?

As there lived someone; the kind heart,

Filling the void of the brave heart.

With the flair of contraire,

Not wild but with the air of nobiliaire.

Living in the jungle, their existence in question,

The cat and her three kittens lived in exhaustion.

The exhaustion to live through in a society so wrongly defined,

The old age thinking, thinking behind not forward, and so purblind.

The exhaustion to live through in a society so wrongly conditioned,

The apathy out of it, the division and the world partitioned.

Not into wrong or right,

But into black and white,

Into man and woman,

Just to create a feeling of spite.

They are beaten, spitted on and threatened,

But the love blossomed and the hate never heightened.

The time passed through, without him,

In despair, in anxiety, the poison filled up to the brim.

But the lessons from the kind heart, the woman, rose unique men,

With the values of humanity filled like the monks outta school of Zen.

The house without the man, became again the house of, rather, men,

But with the difference and deviation from the definitions set by the wrong one.

Is it manning up or womanning up or humanning up?

Facing the demons of the society, but with a bitter hiccup.

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I don’t know or do I

I don’t know if

you were a friend or a foe.

you were darkness or sunshine

you were sweet or brine

you were a lake or a river

you were a cat or a beaver

you were a beauty or a wreck

you were calm or a peck

you were fun or serious

you were known or mysterious

What I know is that

I am broken

I am shaken

I am fuzzy

I am Kraken

I am dull

I am lost

I am critical

I am a boast

I am hollow

I am sore

I am twisted

I am a bore

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What are you afraid of.?

What are you pondering?, O mighty heart!

What are you afraid of?

What will you lose?

There is no option to chose.

You have to do it and do it now, you hear?

No more of your cowardly talks, I want to bear?

You are ruined in an epicurean life,

It’s time to make a drive.

A drive towards a reputable future, I say,

Listen to me, you have to obey.

Nothing will suffice, but pain, you hear?

Out of comfort, you come, are you clear?

This is your commanding officer, out here,

The brain, whose instructions you must care.

Take risk, obey the decisions that I have well calculated,

Drink the sour drink, don’t dilute it.

The drink of pain, the screams, the cries, the sweat,

You will win all races, I bet.

So, take the next steps, don’t be a sly,

Will give wings and you fly high.

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O Pain! My Pain!

You are a pain but my pain,

You make me sweat like heavy rain.

You won’t let my hard work go in drain,

You are coal to my running train.

You scream out of my sprain,

You are a product of my physical brain.

We have a secret bargain,

I swear, I won’t complain.

I am the one who will gain out of you, O Pain!

I won’t abstain you, O mighty Pain!

No doubt you gave me blisters and blain,

O Pain! My Pain!

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Must and Shouldn’t

I am a writer and I must write.

It shouldn’t matter that my day was dull or bright.

They offered my the drink, the drink of celebration.

I never in my life and I shouldn’t now.

I must keep my conscious in control and remember the vow.

The brazen vow, not to drink ever, that I made in soliloquy.

The vices many of them I shouldn’t have and I don’t.

But the one that stuck with me from the year 12, and still flaunts

I remember someone made me read forbidden literature.

It shouldn’t have provoked the thought that is not quenched still.

Living with this vice, brings a shame to my conscientious will.

The reality and illusion lose boundary.

Is it a dream, I wonder, trying to overcome the paralysis state.

Found out that I am served with a bait.

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The merciless life

Harder I try,

more I get into it.

The swamp holds me tight,

Nothing seems right about it.

It is a long tale of bearing,

While sharing and caring.

But the world is mum,

With the dimwits not enough daring.

To uproot or uproar that loud,

But being a part of a crowd.

Comfortable and illusioned in their vibes,

Hallucinating single second in epicurean lives.

The slap is tight on the realized ones,

The reality strikes with the bombs.

It is better to be ignorant as the fools live,

No meaning should be made of this life, is what I think.


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Poem from the childhood.

Down the way where the nights are gay,

And the sun shines daily on the mountain top.

I took a trip on a sailing ship,

And when I reached Jamaica, I made a stop.

But I am sad to say that  I am on my way,

Won’t be back for many days.

My heart is down, my head is turning around.

I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town.

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When we were small and poor,

Those were the best days my dear.

When we were simple and loving,

That time we were always smiling.

When we were ignorant and kind,

That when we and nature bind.

When we were stupid and free,

That time we carved hearts in tree.

When we had time to spare,

That time we lend people our ear.

When we were lustless and sweet,

That time looked like a treat.

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Feeling lonely on the New Year’s day,

Cannot  feel  the world on my way.

Yet people walking and passing me by,

Neither  feel them nor the laughing guys.

People enjoying the sunrise and the cool breeze,

Thoughts made my mind under seize.

Past memories frequently creeping in here,

Missing  good people in life then and there.

Met different people at every stage of my life,

Some made me happy ,some backstabbed with knife.

Wounds can heal but not the bad words said,

Those words hurt  me and made me mad.

Why this  damn time never  stops for a moment,

Never get chance to respond but it leaves me dormant.

Life can be sometimes too harsh to survive,

But one should never quit but make a strive.

Fate cannot be controlled as it make surprises,

But can do nothing except sharing compromises.

We have to face the life and the hard realities it holds,

It burns us in stress and our life further moulds.

Sometimes we can do nothing but watch this drama going on,

This battle can be lost often but not readily won.

So never dare to solve the mysteries but enjoy it,

Give a damn to worries and try to rejoice it.

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War-A Misery

The air was cool, there was peace everywhere,

There were crators on the land and a man was walking down there.

He saw deads and bodies smeared with blood,

He stopped for a moment to absorb the shocking thud.

He recognized those faces as his counterpart,

It was the cruel game of war which made them depart.

He moved along and thought for a while,

Why he was facing such  an exile?

With whom they fought were totally stranger,

They belonged to the nation which thought to be a danger.

It was his country’s leaders called for a war,

Were they now satisfied after the soil became char?

Suddenly he saw something very unpleasant,

It was his body lying next to the seargent.

He realized then, he exist no more here,

His soul was wandering now out of the worldly affair.

He saw a letter from his wife in the hands,

When will you return? The letter demands

The war was ceased but not the sorrows yet,

No one likes war, anyone wants to  bet?