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Dogs from the Trash Island

It started with “The Darjeeling Limited”, where I got spellbound by the cinematic excellence of this director, that I came to know later, Wes Anderson. Never before in my life I tried to find out the director’s name after watching a movie, but this was different. Eventually, I searched for all other movies of his, and proudly speaking I have all those movies at my disposal on my local disk. Waiting for 4 years after his last movie, looking at the trailer suddenly of a stop motion movie- “Isle of Dogs”, I realized in moments that it belongs to someone I know. It was him again after a long time. Long time in the sense that I saw “The Darjeeling Limited” in 2015.

Finally, I was able to watch whole of it, where the dogs’ dialogues rendered in English and humans of Japan’s virtual city “Megasaki” are talking in their local language which is translated through various mediums, one being foreign-exchange student. Looking at the dogs in the real world, we differentiate them based on mainly, their breed. But after watching this movie, it feels like every dog has their own characteristic as shown in the movie. After watching dogs speaking eloquently in the movie, I am seeing the real dogs in a new light of awareness while hoping if they could also speak in a way that I could understand. Again, enjoyed the intriguing set up and compelling music and directorial. The hard work reckoned by the stop motion crew is also applaudable. The story ends with no big drama but still it keeps its rhythm in a way to keep the interest of the watcher at all time high. Specially, the dog named “Oracle” takes away the breath with its cuteness owing to its breed, obviously, but also with the forecasting that makes sense from the fact that it “understands T.V.”.

Also wanted to point out the true scenario of propelling the propaganda by the Mayor that resembles so much with the today’s world political system in any country. How people get brainwashed by their political leaders is not different than gullible youngsters getting brainwashed by religious leaders. Need to see that.

Thanks Wes for another great milestone.

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My Favorite Playlist

Apart from mentioning writing articles as my interests in Resume, listening music is the other one. And its really feel good to reveal my favorite playlist that I return to in my solace or solitude. It includes very old as well as new ones. So here the list goes:

Empty by Ray Lamontagne

Words by Boyzone

Eric Clapton – Blue Eyes Blue

Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Avicii – Wake Me Up

Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Wake_Me_Up_When_September_Ends by GreenDay

These Days by Nico

Where Do You Go (To My Lovely) – Peter Sarstedt

This Time Tomorrow by The Kinks

Life’s been good – Joe Walsh

BOB DYLAN & JOHNNY CASH – Girl From The North Country

Carpenters _Top Of The World

Mike – Blue Eyes

Darlin’ – The Beach Boys

Everyday I Love You – Boyzone

Five Hundred Miles

Raindrops are falling on my head – B J Thomas

Carla Bruni – Quelquun ma dit

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Favorite Youtube Channels

Being an introvert, I have a strong love for my room and I need a bigger force to move me out of it on weekends. Mostly the time is spent over internet and with a great WiFi speed, the time flies on Youtube. There are many channels that I love and like to watch all through. Listing some of them below:


jaby koay : This is owned by Jaby himself who reviews and give reactions on videos of different genre. It is interesting to see as an Indian, how a guy from other country or culture reacts on Bollywood movie trailers or Indian Web Series.

Munchies : I like this channel for discovering lifestyles, cuisine from around the world. Also it is interesting to watch chefs, restaurant owners doing extra ordinary work in their fields.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF LUCKY LUKE OFFICIAL : This is just because my fondness to Luck Luke cartoon. I have been watching this cartoon when it used to telecast on TV. And finding it on internet, with good quality videos on this channel makes me nostalgic.

Guilt Free Vegan : Being a wannabe vegan, this channel gives a great information on diet plans and options for the same. I have taken some of my healthy eating options from here.

Comme une Française : Being fascinated by French language, I subscribed to this channel and felt, it has a different approach to teach French vocabulary and phrases.

Introverts Web Series : Again being an introvert, I liked it. But they have not rolled out any new episodes from a long time though. The three introvert mates, explains some of my situations.


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My ranking of Wes Anderson movies.

I have been literally taken away since I watched the first movie directed by Wes Anderson. It is after researching that I came to know about his other works and fortunately I was able to see each one of them. So here is my personal ranking of the movies I saw in the past 2 months.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  2. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  3. The Royal Tenenbaums
  4. The Darjeeling Limited
  5. Rushmore
  6. Moonrise Kingdom
  7. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  8. Bottle Rocket

Apart from the symmetrical cinematography, beautiful and colorful backgrounds, intriguing and eloquent characters, magical narration and last but not the least great selection of song tracks, these movies have flamboyant stories weaved out of magic.

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Best 4 movies from Wes Anderson.

It was not long back that I stumbled upon one movie named “The Darjeeling Limited”. Certainly, the name Darjeeling caught my attention as it is an Indian place. It was an amazing journey I went through while watching it, as the fabulous and charismatic characters took a stroll on an Indian train, temples and streets. The style of Wes Anderson direction could be felt strongly, at  the same time the cinematography personified the backgrounds and forefronts very well. It was then I decided to explore other works by this talented and eloquent director. Next was “The Great Budapest Hotel”, which took away my heart. Again cinematography was commendable and the characters were sweet and hysterically flamboyant. The locations were lovely and the story was intriguing. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Next on the list was “Rushmore”, the first success and recognition of Wes Anderson’s talents as a director. It, very well reviewed the psychological state of a young student, who outwitted extremely well in curricular activities. Last one I saw was “The Royal Tenenbaums”. It was again a showcase of brilliance from the renowned director who has surely mastered his skills in this field. The state of problems happened in the Tenebaum’s family was very well brought into life with a mesmerizing story.

The symmetry and colorfulness of the character set these movies apart from others. No doubt, everyone have their own style, but I have been in a state of bewilderment since I saw his work and immense perfection at it. These movies have ignited within me the desire to watch other of his movies like “Moonrise Kingdom” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” sooner in the future.