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The dietary revolution

It was not long back that I questioned myself regarding the bad diet I was having. It is good to eat and especially in a country that is known for its sumptuous cuisine, but healthy intake is a must to prepare for the future. In next few years, the body will start losing muscle mass due to ageing and gaining it will require a tiresome efforts. So, why not to become enlightened today and save our future.

With the same intent, I brought and carried forward small changes to my diet, finally reaching a point that gave birth to new eating habits that fortunately were healthy and nutritious for the body. The things started with sprouts, that looked tasteless in the starting, but were well inducted after few days. Also the oatmeals, soy milk, bananas, almonds, dates became a permanent companion of my diet ever since. The calorie deficient diet worked wonders and gave me fruitful results of fat loss (especially losing some love handles).

Green tea was part of my daily mornings from more than one year and with it now I have more healthy things to eat in my list. Also working out and making habits as rituals helped me to see good results in two months. For the starters, I initiated the exercises including push ups, legs raised. And slowly added planks, sit ups, jumping jacks and crunches to it. Having a set goal on the counts and reps (sets) of these exercises, made it disciplined and productive. The soft workouts became rigorous in no time.

Finally, there is no strict rules, I have kept on my eating. Apart from the calorie deficient program, I don’t mind occassionally eating out with friends. That doesn’t make any difference or bad effects, as the habit of healthy eating and working out have been inculcted strongly into my routine.