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Infuriating truth behind development works

This country is developing and wannabe developed country, not like intellectual European countries but like a bully developed country whose name shan’t be taken. But the corruption prevails, and it spreads its clinging to even the good intention development works too. A government/administration exist solely to see an opportunity to leverage the issues faced by people in a public domain. Being it starting more public transit modes, construction of rails and roads, shaping quality of public education, and many more. But here, every development work is seen as an opportunity to fill their own pockets first than to think about helping the public in distress. Interpolating to a small college fest, where the management releases funds that goes to coordinators who save money to fill their pockets, consequently compromising the quality of work delivered. So, same way, coming back to the administration that sells the tenders to private firms in opaque offices amidst controversies that are ignored or shunned, as they get money (as bribes) from these firms. The firms, who know they will profit out of it by putting less money than promised and saving a fortune for themselves, thus again compromising the quality delivered to the poor public, who actually are the taxpayers and the only financial source. Thus at public risk, their money is played in the pockets of the private vendors (provided by the administrators), who take profits only after compensating the initial investment done in bribes to the officials.

Taking one more example of an organization that outsources its application development work to multiple vendors. There could be one vendor who is working on one of the many applications that is stable. But just because some other vendor gave bribes to the middle decision takers in the organization, moves the work from the previous vendor and gives it to the inexperienced bribing vendor. The organization’s share holders might incur losses on their investment but the corrupt vendor and management get their shares.

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The social media effect

The exaggeration of an individual on social media won’t create an impact or can impact a lesser area. Comparatively, a government, if extrapolates such action of boastfulness on social media about its work can be termed as forgery with the electorates, who if convinced and don’t do the fact check, re-elects such a government. It is not a surprise, that many governments (especially far rights) or leaders representing the government are tweeting desperately to connect with the people whose phones are glittering with social media notifications and messages, just to convey nothing but exaggeration of their development work, is posing a danger of miscommunication by motivating the flow of rumors and spreading of propaganda to control not the physical embodiment but the mental thinking of the groups that consequently influences individuals enjoying the security provided by the respective community/group. Thus to see people repeating those false claims on the streets as some real things, render irrationality to the few intellectuals who don’t depend on the smartness of a phone but trust on their own one.

Taking an example of a country of vast people/consumers of anything, India, the effect is more disturbing. Apart from becoming biggest consumer of smart phones and having connectivity to the internet, not to learn new things but browse social media to like and forward the statements made by their political idols, the forgery is palpable. The landslide victory of a far right political head recently had one of a strong reason into social media tactics to brainwash the mass. Everything appears fine, when wrong things are not heard or highlighted under the shining tweets and posts. The governments joining hands with big corporate houses and controlling media and safeguarded by their own power are playing the people on their own tunes. The trap is unseen, but can be felt only by the few intellectuals. The profits are sucked out of the middle-class who aren’t aware as distracted by the pomp and show of the government control. Under the name of patriotism and nationalism, the real issues are ignored and false fulfilled promises become something that people are happy with, without cross checking the facts.

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The state of India

I make my usual daily commute to office in Uber cab. The mayhem can be seen, without a single traffic light on a 5.2 kilometers stretch. The chaos is palpable and the consequent frustration and perspiration on the driver’s head says it all. I doubt the true nature of this otherwise boastful “city”. Driving is haphazard and dangerous. The lawlessness can be seen. And I wonder, what development, the media is talking about? Our leader, similarly, in a sheer ignorance, making frequent foreign trips but unaware of the inner whereabouts, is the bigger irritation that I feel. The reputation of our country might have risen by his global presence but are we strong within? Is our country’s immune system impregnable?

The state of this country is described as follows:

There is no food security for poor, even when farmers are working hard on the fields. Why? They depend on rainwater and with the climate change, the things are getting messier. Once they harvest ample food, there are less storage. The rotten grains caught my eyes some time back on a news channel. The middlemen are taking all the profits and even the sweat of the farmers. This middlemen theory is everywhere in India, unfortunately. Consequently, the farmers are taking their own lives.

There is no national security. When I say national security, it do not restrict to attack from foreign terrorists but the inside crime rates. There have been incidents of killing even in the capital city. The attack of 14th Feb. not only gave us glimpses of tragic killing of our soldiers, but the weak national intelligence, which was not able to track a vehicle with 250 kilograms of explosives that ultimately hit the ordinary army vehicles stuck in traffic made of their own. But the inside crime rate is also alarming where policing is there to frighten the poor and regular people rather than bringing criminals to justice.

The anti public companies stance. The support and strength given to the private companies like Reliance and Adani, who by the way are the direct competitors of some of the prestigious Government companies like BSNL, ONGC, Coal India Ltd, etc. A government should adhere to strengthen its public companies to provide cheaper services to its citizens, but here the trend is in contradiction.

A social media government. The nerve of the ignorant people have been read very well by this government, that tweets a lot, but without any action. The advertisement and the busiest IT cell of the political party that controls the government are so active on the social media than the government itself on the real turf. Also they are giving this lesson to the opposition also, who will also follow the same path in the future to come.

Made in most of the world. The manufacturing is missing, unlike China and the government is dreaming of excelling its GDP beyond that of their Chinese counterpart. We are far behind, and the historical data of past five years shows stagnation. We are thriving with private jobs because we are selling the lands to foreign investors. Having complete dependency of our development on foreign companies poses risk in the future but nothing else. There is no mitigation plan, whatsoever. And we still think that “Made in India” is working. The startup culture have been given a shock by the policies of well known term of angel tax.

Educated society is a threat to ignorant rule. Knowing this, there is no effort made, literally, to provide cheaper and quality education to children in public schools. The reputation of our public schools is same, with no improvement. In this regard, at least Delhi state government showed some promising development. But the central power lacks determination in this front. This again is encouraging private schools to put financial burden on parents by frequently increasing tuition fees on their terms.

There are lot of others points like religious intolerance directly influenced by one group that is represented by our leader. Another point being the abusive speeches of our leader inside the Parliament and outside in rallies against the opposition, shows poisonous rather than healthy competition. A leader who shows off his expensive attire and focuses on camera rather than the actual issues of the country is giving a bad message to the young and future leaders and sadly becoming an inspiration that will weaken the nation from inside and make it hollow one day.

This article might be written in the election fever. And looks like the ruling government will be coming back to power, (result still awaited), as there is no strong opposition face. Let’s be hopeful if the second term is fruitful to cater the above concerns.

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Sustainable development

The development of technology that we see, isn’t sustainable. In other words, these might be helping the humankind in some way, but mankind is not the only species out there in this world. Somewhere these advancements are coming at the expense of exploiting our nature or burdening the flora and fauna with our madness. Recently, there have been developer conferences of giant tech companies like F8 (Facebook), I/O’19 (Google) and many more. Announcements of new products with advanced AI technologies were made that will be getting shipped/launched in the near future. These will have impact on our ecosystem, adversely. There are other industries also that are bringing “advancements” to ease our life but at what expense? Consumerism is something that goes out of control as seen in the past that might makes us tech savvy but debilitate the health of our sensitive ecosystem. In the era, where some people argue favorably and feel excited about such advancements, the scientific reports on melting snow in Antarctica and Greenland and consequent rising of the ocean water level which poses danger to low sea-level inhabited areas, globally, cannot be ignored. By large, the reason cannot be ignored.

These “developments” mostly are targeted towards developing countries with bigger population who in turn become bigger consumers. Even the corrupt diplomats are bribed to lobby for such industries that are not only bringing “advanced” products but also the air, water, soil, noise pollution with them. The lobbyists are heard by the administration, when the deals are more profitable, rather than hearing the ecologists and science fraternity who are showing proof and facts. For instance, the industries for chemical fertilizers are making their way into agricultural lands which is harmful for the consumers and unnecessary as there are better alternatives available.

A sustainable development will be the one which will realize the bigger profit not in the monetary form but in the form of satisfaction to save our ecosystem and make it livable. And consequently reversing the climate change catastrophe that is the realistic problem in every part of this world. Being it in the form of flood, drought or fire, the effects of this change because of the increase of greenhouse gases, especially Carbon dioxide can be seen or heard more often than ever in the news. The greed to get profits out of a burning planet is an utter madness and needs to stop before everyone including the beautiful natural habitat gets engulfed in it.

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Bhagat Vs. Mahatma

It is Without Fear versus The Story of My Experiments with Truth. There is contradicting fear at one side and there is experiments with truth on another. Pick is yours. But being born in a Sikh household, I was conditioned to like Bhagat Singh more than Mahatma Gandhi. This support looked weird owing to the fact that there is a lot of extremism among Sikhs towards their own people who go against the Sikh rituals. In this case Bhagat Singh didn’t die as a Sikh. Not only Sikhs but also right wing party praises Bhagat Singh, who actually supported Communists (left wing) in his time. Mahatma Gandhi is hated by many people based on various reasons. I was provided some by my grandfather, who held him responsible for his painful migration from his home in Kashmir (now P.O.K) to Jammu. Still there was a lot about Bhagat Singh to read about during my childhood. And I simply avoided hearing anything about Gandhi like I avoided my sanity while eating flesh of animals, just because my family said so.

But later, when your conscious become audible enough to break some of the illogical chains of this society, the lies served by it and the truth that it has been formed on a profitable business of dishonesty, you try to change sides. I haven’t read his book, but whatever I heard, his path looks sensible to me. The non-violence, tolerance, patience, peace and biggest of it all, his truth. The truth that might look bitter. The truth of his lust, that no other great personality of any time dared to ink in their autobiography. He not only had the audacity to write but made it available globally to read. That is the kind of a person rarely seen, who admits that there are flaws and imperfections inflicted to even the noblest of people. The modern era, where the trend of movies based on true events are down-pouring like the monsoon rain, shows all good things about that personality. Instances of movies like “Sanju” and “Soorma” only showcase some part of their lives, not all truth, stands a person who made himself vulnerable for people to attack on his flaws, his weakness. The blind people do not give any merit or consideration to his honesty and truth because these words have lost its meaning in this manipulative world, where people show their good sides in Facebook, Twitter, supports protests on social media rather than themselves going into the battle field. Thus the credibility of such people criticizing Mahatma Gandhi is on stake.

However, my support towards Gandhi, doesn’t convey my hate towards Bhagat. Both did what their conscience told them to do for the independence struggle. Analogous to my interest in communism shouldn’t interpret hate towards democratic form of government, I support both ideologies rather than personalities, as they represent.

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Religious Hypocrisy

It is everywhere. Families, houses, societies. And as the fake external Almighty is omnipresent, same is the fate of hypocrisy. The religions bring it so much tangible that realized ones see it and try to cast away the conditioning but fails. I am sure that every religion have it, living in a multi-religious country, I am fortunate or rather unfortunate to feel it most of the times.The life cycle of a hypocrite is like this. He wakes up in the morning, doesn’t do any work at home. Goes or rather shows off his presence in a local Sikh temple. Sits there physically but mentally is thinking about how to fool gullible people today because that’s his work and means to earn money. The holy scripture is getting read, beautiful hymns and it talks about good things, heavy and deep stuff and explains, how a human being should live. Then he performs service, there in the dining hall and comes out. Leaving the temple gate behind, he also leaves the benevolence he showed off inside. He do not implement the sayings of the scripture because no one is, so why should he. Everyone is stabbing others and surviving.

For these reasons, nowadays religions have turned out to be dangerous as it has become a center for showing off. It is a medium of carrying out business. It is like some extroverted person came in and thought, the life is too dull and boring. Let’s make it complicated and mystic. And humble and simple cults were transformed into dazzling and entertaining man-made hypocrisy-filled communities that rather than helping, puts pressure on humans to leave the humanity behind and perform irrational practices and rituals. This is very much analogous to Europeans stepping on the shores of America and promising to change the boring life of Native Americans into crazy pleasurable aristocrat but things downgraded humanity and uplifted those Europeans who started a business on the corpses of the natives. So like the slogan says, let’s make America great again. Let’s all of us become hypocrites and dance on the tunes of inhumanity for no reason but only because it is a man-made ritual.


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Modern Democracy


It propels weaponry, it cheats, it makes profits. These are the things this modern democracy do, nowadays. It has become an enterprise where it collects taxes and invest in foreign wars and internal riots. It divides and rules as seen in India for years now. Earlier imperialism tried it and then the Indian incompatible administrations under the name of “democracy”. Religion is so much grained in our blood here, that any little rebellion is crushed ruthlessly. It is a sham, that orthodox practices of mixing religion with politics is still in boom, in “modern” India especially. But western political systems are also not away from allegations. These so called democracies want to bestow the freedom in other countries because they are democratic and superpowers. They allege their enemy states with keeping weapon of mass destruction and call for a war and finally find nothing. But the havoc and unrest they create in such unfortunate countries is beyond any calculation.The innocents are killed in this bloody war of “freedom”.

The world that could be a better place with simplistic approaches, these governments take it away and put complexities. Everything cannot be blamed on governments, citizens had to take some part of it too. May be we all are corrupt and thus give rise to democratic monsters. Socrates hated democracy because he compared it with a ship sailing in an ocean. “If you need to select or vote for the captain, whom will you choose?”, he questions. You have to select among the educated and the commoners. The former will be the obvious choice. He questions the qualification of a voter, instead. And in the modern democracy where few (0.02%) chooses a representative from a political party who stands in an election against the similar fated candidates, it is a mockery to say that the population selects the candidates whereas the truth is that population select among fewer already selected representatives.

Link to the video below:

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The Truth

The truth is; there is no God. There is conscious, which became non-existent in many people owing to the business model setup by the religious leaders. Things started on a right note, when morally upright leaders; the realized souls, wrote down and spoke about the right and the wrong. The journey went into a wrong direction when some selfish powerful rose and took out the conscious from inside and established it in their business centers and named it as God. They instructed people to not look into their soul but move into such institutions if they wanted to see the God. The shapeless, the limitless, as described by the real ones, got shape in such establishments that became means of practicing new rituals that defied logic.

Today such institutions have become a place to show-off. To follow man-made rituals and not question anything. These institutions have become a powerhouse in terms of forming a community that can be used as weapons and earn profits. Puppets without conscious, we have become. Anyone rebelling, is shunned. There is more chaos than peace found in here. It has become a place to show hypocrisy and contradictions. This is the truth.

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Government is a mere reflection of the nature of society or even that of individual citizen. If you feel the government is dominant and corrupt, it is time to self-analyze and look inwards. There is no point of blame game in an ecosystem that celebrates democracy, which if implemented in its true nature, makes each one of us accountable for the smallest issues rising in any part of the country. It is not that someone who is highly visible in media should only show honesty, but weakest of the commoner lurking around on streets of this nation should feel that “burden” of doing his duty and carrying out his responsibility in a most respected manner. At home, this responsibility becomes more crucial where exhibition of such gesture can have a positive impact on the younger generations growing up in there.

Governments might have ultimate power but any kind of misuse of power at any level in a system is still an act of corruption and injustice. It is good to protest, rebel against the wrong-doing of the administration, but being self-skeptical won’t hurt in bringing out our own flaws. We cannot impose good action items on someone else, until we get rid of the bad traits from ourselves first. Trying to identify such shortcomings can help community foster a positive and healthy environment. We don’t have to depend on governments to bring the slightest of the changes, few good men are enough to even initiate something.

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The malicious followers

You cannot be sure if  your followers share the same idealogies and philosophy that you worship. One man can start a change but for its sustainability, followers are required. Those men and women, who can carry forward his baton and distribute in different directions, are essential so that the agenda could prosper everywhere at the same time. But coming to the original question; what if these followers become malicious. The leader can be great with his tolerance and endurance and other hefty values required to be one, but his herd do not reflect him and it should not. There is a difference between him and the group. He is there to lead them. Over the time, the original principles talked about by the leader can get some add-ons from the virus stricken minds of few followers who want to outsmart or take advantage of other naive followers. And unfortunately this is a fact with every ideology that persisted. Being it a religious one or political, all got inflicted with the later disciples that added their own wrong intents. The examples are omnipresent, Buddhism divided later into Hinayana and Mahayana based on Buddha’s incarnation theory. Sikhism divided into different beliefs under bogus religious saints in the modern situation. How come two persons claiming to follow Communist principles reckon a totally different actions on poor population? Lenin and Stalin had portrayed different drawings into the Russian canvas with the same brush of Communism.

Taking this theory further into technological advents. A person can invent a tool to help community thrive but the malicious users can use it for their own negative agendas. Being it any tool that constitue social media, the intent was to connect the world. But some political attention seekers have been using it to pollute the minds of the innocents by spreading rumours, to ultimately benefit a political party in an election. The recent Russian involvement in US Elections, is one of the many examples of such an action. Thus the followers can understand things limited to their capacity and such half knowlegdge or contexual one can give rise to apathy and hatred.