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Government is a mere reflection of the nature of society or even that of individual citizen. If you feel the government is dominant and corrupt, it is time to self-analyze and look inwards. There is no point of blame game in an ecosystem that celebrates democracy, which if implemented in its true nature, makes each one of us accountable for the smallest issues rising in any part of the country. It is not that someone who is highly visible in media should only show honesty, but weakest of the commoner lurking around on streets of this nation should feel that “burden” of doing his duty and carrying out his responsibility in a most respected manner. At home, this responsibility becomes more crucial where exhibition of such gesture can have a positive impact on the younger generations growing up in there.

Goverments might have ultimate power but any kind of misuse of power at any level in a system is still an act of corruption and injustice. It is good to protest, rebel against the wrong-doing of the administration, but being self-skeptical won’t hurt in bringing out our own flaws. We cannot impose good action items on someone else, until we get rid of the bad traits from ourselves first. Trying to identify such shortcomings can help community foster a positive and healthy environment. We don’t have to depend of governments to bring the slightest of the changes, few good men are enough to even initiate something.

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The malicious followers

You cannot be sure if  your followers share the same idealogies and philosophy that you worship. One man can start a change but for its sustainability, followers are required. Those men and women, who can carry forward his baton and distribute in different directions, are essential so that the agenda could prosper everywhere at the same time. But coming to the original question; what if these followers become malicious. The leader can be great with his tolerance and endurance and other hefty values required to be one, but his herd do not reflect him and it should not. There is a difference between him and the group. He is there to lead them. Over the time, the original principles talked about by the leader can get some add-ons from the virus stricken minds of few followers who want to outsmart or take advantage of other naive followers. And unfortunately this is a fact with every ideology that persisted. Being it a religious one or political, all got inflicted with the later disciples that added their own wrong intents. The examples are omnipresent, Buddhism divided later into Hinayana and Mahayana based on Buddha’s incarnation theory. Sikhism divided into different beliefs under bogus religious saints in the modern situation. How come two persons claiming to follow Communist principles reckon a totally different actions on poor population? Lenin and Stalin had portrayed different drawings into the Russian canvas with the same brush of Communism.

Taking this theory further into technological advents. A person can invent a tool to help community thrive but the malicious users can use it for their own negative agendas. Being it any tool that constitue social media, the intent was to connect the world. But some political attention seekers have been using it to pollute the minds of the innocents by spreading rumours, to ultimately benefit a political party in an election. The recent Russian involvement in US Elections, is one of the many examples of such an action. Thus the followers can understand things limited to their capacity and such half knowlegdge or contexual one can give rise to apathy and hatred.

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Narcissists on the rise

There was a time when one narcissist rose in Europe and matched his personal hate into national disgrace and urged the natives to support him on his dire attempt to bring back the glory back when internally he was working on his own greed. Greed to acquire whole of Europe, greed that led to the Second World War, greed that brought more dishonour to Germans than bringing pride. I can feel the same agony now that would have been felt by English or French that time due to same breed of leaders taking over the world from West to East.

The world looks in peril as it lives under the regime of same narcissist leaders, who talks about existence of one kind of people who are natives (myth being the natives are nationalists and patriotic and others don’t care), distributing hatred against people who, for instance, are immigrants and minority groups. In a world where hate spreads faster than love, these leaders and their dumb followers are not leaving any stone unturned in infusing such negativities into the society. Making the environment hostile by controlling the media houses and throwing up hate speeches and negative endorsements into each and every homes through television, is uncommon these days in such countries. Creating and barging on smaller issues rather fighting the most basic problems like poverty, diseases , illiteracy, farmers’ suicides, lack of infrastructure. These leaders have surely taken over with their great art of speaking and convincing people about some problem that doesn’t even exist just to curb the attention from the real problems. By the way, Hitler was also considered a great orator and what a havoc he brought?

Today these leaders are more dangerous than Hitler, because the modern world thrives on social media and internet. The news travels faster from one small place to the whole world. And this medium sadly is overused by such bastards so confidently that the dumb citizens get overcharged with hate when they have misconception that they are behaving patriotic.

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The victimized Indian

The gruesome condition of majority of Indians, middle class families, who are the biggest taxpayers in India, have been a point of big debate for long but without any solution. But on the contrary their condition is worsening as Governments levies more taxes onto them, without matching the expectations this class has on its national leaders and representatives. The demand of electrification, basic infrastructure, cheap and quality education is never met while the taxes are collected properly and ironically transparency is requested from the government on balance sheets of earnings of Indians, but the other way around is promised but never shown a real meaning in Indian history ever by any state. So transparency from taxpayers, but no transparency whatsoever on where this money is invested and spent for the betterment of the society, because we don’t see any improvisation in the world around us. The potholes re appear after every rainwash. The transformers burst every now and then, leaving people into darkness metaphorically we are into darkness since the dawn of independance.

The government looks flabbergasted by the terms digital India and other fascinating words but completely ignoring the fact that judicial and policing system is crumbling badly. The instance of few weeks back, when one of my colleague fall victim of theft in a bus while she was asleep, and the fact that she was denied lodging FIR for the incident, throws a light onto this prevailing darkness here. A country that is doing great due to private firms that are ensuring employability in IT sector and other profitable but privately owned industries doesn’t prove that Government is doing great. Taking credits for such advancements and not properly having any hand in such great feats, looks an old habit of any government that settled here ever.

Finally, the goverment appear to be a person who owns a barren land and doesn’t know what to do anything out of it, sells it to a builder (private businesses) to do anything onto it and just give profit in the form of rent (taxes). That kind of an attitude gives development but it is highly unsustainable, where exploitation of not only natural resources but people happens in no good light. And I am afraid that we are on the same path of a boom that have an inevitable crash at the end due to its unsustainable nature.