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The people who are sensitive, this word is not alien to them, but so much familiar that they breathe it in and out everytime. This induces fear, anxiety, skeptics, doubts in the individuals those understand basic humanity, are self aware and self realized. It is like a payback for the good qualities they wear. The services like sincerety, honesty, sensitivity, obligations, responsibilities, empathy are constantly used by the highly realized humans and in a perfect world, there could not be any problem with having such rich and aesthetic amenities. But in this world of imperfections and the majority of people walking up and down in their ignorance, the negative implications on such high traits are very much palpable.

The majority doesn’t understand the value of such authenticities. They doesn’t care about the human qualities which is an irony, sadly, as they are categorized under human race through their physical attributes but the soul has been sold to devil. In such an environment, the poor people having rich qualities of humanity are left vulnerable to injustices, anxieties thrown upon by the monsters. They are challenged and provoked on the grounds of evil, that leaves no option but to take a flight or remain silent. This action is taken as victory by the devils and they become more stronger. It seems in the world of dragons, the innocents are slained everyday.

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Favorite Youtube Channels

Being an introvert, I have a strong love for my room and I need a bigger force to move me out of it on weekends. Mostly the time is spent over internet and with a great WiFi speed, the time flies on Youtube. There are many channels that I love and like to watch all through. Listing some of them below:


jaby koay : This is owned by Jaby himself who reviews and give reactions on videos of different genre. It is interesting to see as an Indian, how a guy from other country or culture reacts on Bollywood movie trailers or Indian Web Series.

Munchies : I like this channel for discovering lifestyles, cuisine from around the world. Also it is interesting to watch chefs, restaurant owners doing extra ordinary work in their fields.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF LUCKY LUKE OFFICIAL : This is just because my fondness to Luck Luke cartoon. I have been watching this cartoon when it used to telecast on TV. And finding it on internet, with good quality videos on this channel makes me nostalgic.

Guilt Free Vegan : Being a wannabe vegan, this channel gives a great information on diet plans and options for the same. I have taken some of my healthy eating options from here.

Comme une Française : Being fascinated by French language, I subscribed to this channel and felt, it has a different approach to teach French vocabulary and phrases.

Introverts Web Series : Again being an introvert, I liked it. But they have not rolled out any new episodes from a long time though. The three introvert mates, explains some of my situations.


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Everyone have faced stereotyping or generalization based on their religion, color, gender, culture, beliefs, etc. I really feel irritated personally with such judgemental attitude of others. So people should have broad mindedness and must accept the following statements:

A person could be a north Indian who have starch based diet.

A person could be a Punjabi and still be a vegetarian.

All Sikhs are not Punjabi and vice versa. For instance, I am a Kashmiri as my ancestors were Kashmiri Brahmins until one generation decided to convert.

A person could be a alcoholic teetotaler and still enjoys parties.


A person could be an Indian but still likes Pakistani artists and sports persons.

And many more.

Hope the society comes out of these predetermined judgements and start looking at a person with a new light of open mindedness, neglecting all the wrong perspectives learned and earned all through their upbringing.


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The Blue Revolution – 2

The tree inside the camp area will be named Singlewood to signify the essence of singleness. The feeling of calmness and care will radiate from the tree of Singlewood and will spread over all the devotees as a blessing. Singles will come for sure, as the camp will promise to instill within them the joy and and spiritual love. It will turn the negativity of their attribute which  has let them down over the past few years into a positive tool to yield the golden harvest of their good qualities. Nobody will have the right to deny them their right to be joyful and happy. Nobody will have the control over their emotions. They shall seek peace and freedom in the camp and nowhere else. Their cheerfulness and smiles will not be a slave to the dark dependencies of someone who have condescended themselves, have lost all virtues, rationality and morals.

The blue angels above will beseech mercy of the lord, they will take up the cases of these Goddamned singles to the lord themselves. The power will struck as a lightening and shall fall upon the tree of Singlewood, to get the power to spread the shine unto the lives of the victims. Sudden outburst of laughter channeled out loudly. It was him. He imagined all this and laughed out, compelling me also to behave in a same manner.



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While you were away.

When you left on that dreadful day, everything went into turmoil. She was lonely and she had two souls to raise. It was tough, how single mother struggles with life. To give time to your pain and same time provide care to the little ones. Life looks frustrating and unworthy to live when your better half is dead. The problem is that half remains there attached to you decaying everyday, giving you the feeling that you are there but of no worth. Your presence in the form of memories give more pain than relaxation.

Everyday, waking up in the world without you, gives a feeling of torn apart. But the life gives motive to live for those little ones, who gives you smiles with their innocence.

And the time passes. All grow, and life changes drastically. One day the life cycle is repeated. The little ones reach to the age of you when you left. But while looking back to that first day without you, gives the same shivers and pain, which are as fresh as that dreadful day itself.

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Cold Night of November

The hands were trembling while dipping the biscuit into the tea at the eatery on the highway. It was late cold night of November. Simr realized the chill of the night is as cold as the cold heart shown that day by his almighty. It looked like the fate is acting like his blood thirsty enemy. It was not only the hands which were trembling but the whole world around him trembled and came crashing to the grounds. The ship was wrecked and was drowning inside his heart. While everything looked quiet outside, the volcano had erupted inside his loins. His guts gave up and he became mere statue of Atlas carrying, his world of thoughts on his shoulders. Overburdened and exhausted by his thoughts, but still he was holding up the shock he got. All of them then got back to the matador which was carrying the dead body of his father back to the home from the popular hospital in Delhi. It took 8 hours to reach home where saddened family members and relatives were waiting for them and the deceased. He retired himself to the bed, mentally tired while screams, hue and cries were disturbing his background. He remembered the motor bike toy, he saw outside the hospital in a street shop, which his aunt promised to buy him after his father’s health recovery but sadly that day never came. That night appeared like his sun has set forever and he will not be able to see it again rising. It looked like the train in which he was traveling the journey of his life, went into a never ending dark tunnel. That night was as dark as the coal mine.


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Poem from the childhood.

Down the way where the nights are gay,

And the sun shines daily on the mountain top.

I took a trip on a sailing ship,

And when I reached Jamaica, I made a stop.

But I am sad to say that  I am on my way,

Won’t be back for many days.

My heart is down, my head is turning around.

I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town.